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N703RV is for sale. Click HERE for all the details.

I am using this site to document the construction of of my kitplane. What is an RV-7 you ask. Well, "RV" Stands for Richard VanGrunsven, the owner and founder of Vans Aircraft. The "7" designates the model, an all metal, high performance sport plane capable of: cruising at 200+ mph, aerobatics, and taking off and landing in about 500 ft.

Here are some photos of the factory demonstrator.

Ironic RV Story

Why "N703RV" you ask. Well, back in 2001 when I started the kit I decided to reserve an N-Number with the FAA so that I could make sure and get a good one. I wanted it to end in RV for obvious reasons. I wanted it to contain "7" for equally obvious reasons, and I decided to use "03" because that was the year I would have it done!! (see builders log).

Moral of the Story - It is not a very good idea to try and predict when a project will fly. In fact, most homebuilders get their feathers ruffled by the question.

What is a Kit

The RV-7 kit is very complete as far as kit airplanes go. The kit comes with all components needed to build the basic airframe for the plane. Vans offers builders two basic options. 1.) They can buy a standard kit (as seen below on the left) with all of the parts, raw material, and hardware necessary to complete the airframe, or 2.) A quickbuild kit (as seen on the right) with a substantial amount of the assembly and fabrication work completed. I am building the standard kit, also know (appropriately so) as the slow build kit. It will likely take me between 1600-2000 hours of building to complete the plane.

So, what's not included in the kit? All of the following:

Kit prices can be seen here, but for a realistic picture of what the total package will cost, Vans has a cost estimator that is pretty accurate.